A Study Of The Ancient Boglin Scrolls

It's Rutting season again that time of year when Boglins grow horns and gather to do battle on the hills of the Boglands.

Not accustomed to dry land the Boglins throw themselves down the hillsides half rolling half falling head over tail, then butting  into each other head first at the bottom of the valley. They end up a terrible mess of broken horns. The Victor who rises up out of the pile unscathed claims the right to rule that year over all the Boglands. The rest laugh themselves silly calling each other butt head, toasting the new King and returning to their usual merry making and drinking of Bogwine. All look forward to returning to the hot pools of Bogwash to sooth their aching heads and bodies.

While the new king contemplates how he is ever going to rule over such a band of disheveled nincompoops and dingbats!

    -A Common Interpretation of the Ancient Boglin Scroll

    I totally disagree with this translation of the Ancient Boglatin scrolls.

    It is very obvious that the scroll Refers to Boglin Rooting season not Rutting Season if one refers to the index in my translation we can clearly see that the Boglins were actively seeking out root vegetables and the very rare Trafalgar truffle. In the fall Boglins  would push their snouts into the muck seeking out Rutabagas, turnips, parsnips, carrots, and potatoes. Scuffles would ensue  when the Boglins would find the very rare Trafalgar truffle. Causing them to to lock horns pushing each other around in the muck. It is said that this would cause them to loose an occasional horn and the Victor would be crowned King for a day.  This is how valued Trafalgar truffles are.

    About the only truth to the previous translation is the part about the Ancient baths here at Bogwash where there are very rare sightings of Boglins washing after the Root. I ask you all to please report in if you see any of these very rare creatures as I fear their numbers are dwindling.

     -A rebuttal from Professor H.H.Higgins of Bogwash University.