Boglin History

Boglins History

Within these pages lie the history and lore of the Boglins, carefully translated from the original Boglatin into new world English. We all know English is very hard to understand, and we have persevered beyond the modern Yo, what's up, guttural grunts, squeeks, beeps, pops and butt umps to try and create a clear and concise dictum.

The history and lore of the Boglins is drawn from the remaining Bog scrolls found in1836 by professors T. Clarke and M.Trotto. However many of the scrolls were so musty, mouldy, and damp that absolutely nothing could be gained from them. In order to finish this compendium, we have had to send out Bogologists to gather the oral history from modern day Boglins. This oral history has been passed down from generation to generation about the kings and chiefs of old. Since modern day Boglins are known for practical jokes, pranks and general silliness, we leave it up to the reader to try and figure out fact from fiction. We owe a great deal of thanks to all the Bogologists throughout the world who have painstakingly gathered their information into this tome. 

the kings

By order of King Vlobb and the ancient Hibernian Boglins of Grouk, I hereby tell the tall tales of the old and pull the tails of the new kings of Bogoluscious. Originally the boglands were divided into 7 kingdoms. Unfortunately, many nights of rebald celebrations have led to smaller lower kingdoms being formed throughout the world of muck, slime, swamp, and bog, and so a great deal of  infighting continues to this day. Only continued and extensive searching of some of the muckiest bogs throughout the world will lead to the eventual discovery of all the Boglin Kingdoms and their rich and fragrant history.

It's been a strange year in the Boglands. Once ruled by King Fergus, centuries of a burgeoning population have led to infighting and the establishment  of smaller fiefdoms and kingdoms. Of the seven kingdoms, the land of Fergus is now ruled by King Dwork and the land of Gaul son of Fergus is ruled by King Drool. King Drool also controls the land of King Vlobb in a very tentative written agreement composed in Boglatin which no one really understands anymore. The agreement is supposed to afford protection to King Vlobb from all the other marauding Boglins in the south. No one knows if it is actually working.