Boglins? Or Aliens?

Since the confirmation of the Boglins' existence in ancient Egypt, we can now disclose that what we thought only to be theory can now be confirmed as fact. There is no longer any doubt that the alien visitation of the Boglins in ancient Mexico heavily influenced the Olmecs. In fact the very word Olmec means rubber people.




The name 'Olmec' comes from the Nahuatl word for the Olmecs: Ōlmēcatl [oːlˈmeːkat͡ɬ] (singular) or Ōlmēcah [oːlˈmeːkaʔ](plural). This word is composed of the two words ōlli [ˈoːlːi], meaning "natural rubber", and mēcatl [ˈmeːkat͡ɬ], meaning "people", so the word means "rubber people".[5][6] Rubber was an important part of the ancient Mesoamerican ballgame.

Indeed there can be no mistake that which everyone knows: the Boglins to this day are the real rubber people and they frequently roll themselves into Balls and play the most outrageous games. 

One only needs to look at the giant Olmec stone heads to see their striking resemblance to ancient Boglins who walked among these people thousands of years ago.


There is no doubt that the ancient games these people played are directly related to the games the Boglins play to this day. Rolling themselves up into balls, donning helmets, rolling across the fields butting heads, and scoring goals. 

We can also see their  influence on rugby and modern American football. 

Everyday we see the influence of these amazing creatures on the past and the present. 

-Professor Paul  Wagner  Bogarchiogist.