Save the Boglins

As the foremost Bogologist in North America, I draw most of my information from direct observations. Each year during the fall, the local Boglins gather together at the edge of the bog to collect cranberries. They stuff the cranberries in their cheeks to save for winter. It is quite funny to watch them dash across the surface of the flooded cranberry bog, tails wiggling and arms flapping as if they are about to take flight. They skim the surface gathering as many cranberries in their large mouths as they possibly can, only to be grabbed by the tail at the edge of the bog by the cranberry farmer and forced to regurgitate the berries into the large wooden crates. It is so surprising to find that the Boglins don't seem to mind the farmers' interruption and they happily go back to skimming along the surface of the bog in this symbiotic relationship of mutualism. The farmers provide the cranberries that the Boglins feed on and the Boglins, in tern, help in the harvest. This diet of cranberries is rich in vitamin C and has caused a rapid increase in the Boglins population. An overcrowded bog leads to aggressive fights of head butting Boglins and broken horns. Luckily the farmers have found a solution to gather up the excess Boglins and pack them in the extra cranberry crates to sell them as pets. Oh, the poor unsuspecting kids who adopt these truly mischievous creatures! They have no idea what mayhem these wild Boglins can wrought.

 -Signed, O.C Spray  PHD in Bogology